The Personality Psychology Podcast features personality scientists who discuss the science of how people are different from one another, where these differences come from, how they develop, and why they matter.

Episode 3

Presentation by Emorie Beck

Episode 4

Interview with Joanna Sosnowska

Episode 5

Group discussion with Susanne Bücker, Richard Lucas, Samantha Heintzelman

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“Personality psychology is the academic sub discipline of psychology that focuses on the description, measurement, environmental and physiological bases, developmental history and life course and the consequences of individual differences in adaptation to ones’ environment. As a field of study, it is perhaps the last refuge of the generalist in psychology, for the personality psychologist integrates research methodology, particularly that of measurement, with the study of the genetic and physiological bases of behavior, with the study of social and cultural determinants of behavior, as well as the normal and pathological. The study of personality includes the evolutionary causes that make us all the same, it is also the study of individual differences that describes how we differ from each other is systematic ways, and it is the study of human uniqueness, how each of us organizes our life in a unique way.“
― William Revelle